Colter Lewis offers an investment perspective and approach beyond the traditional.

As investors ourselves, we built a firm that provides a level of counsel and experience we could not find elsewhere. We draw on our extensive network of relationships to source compelling investment opportunities for our clients and ourselves. Idea generation is a critical component of our value proposition.

Comprehensive, Agnostic Advice

Colter Lewis evaluates and advises you on your entire spectrum of investments. We bring it all together for our clients: advice on your financial matters; best-in-class strategic partners; superior technology and reporting; an informed, analytical approach; and advice without conflict.

Experience is our Value

Together, we have managed risk across asset classes in all types of markets, all over the world. We have performed due diligence and provided strategic advice for transformative public and private transactions. And through it all, we have earned the trust of our clients and partners with our honest and informed counsel.

Investment Philosophy

Colter Lewis seeks to generate superior inflation adjusted returns for our clients, which are consistent with their long-term objectives. We do this by first establishing an appropriate risk adjusted asset allocation that is customized for each client. As students of the markets, we believe in building portfolios based on modern financial theory but augmented by our accumulated market experiences.

We have a bias to allocate assets to managers with whom we have longstanding experiences and where we have a perspective on how they manage risk across cycles. Our network is vast, and we have access to outstanding managers across asset classes and strategies. Due diligence is not delegated but owned by the partners of the firm.

We express our investment views using both public and private markets. Public equity assets are typically made up of low-cost tax-efficient passive equity vehicles as well as active managers that we believe have an edge in their specific strategies or geographies. We are mindful to pay for outperformance and not market exposure, cost is always a consideration and we seek to minimize it. Alternative assets which have less liquidity, provide a diversifying effect for a portfolio. Alternative asset classes and strategies are intended to offer our clients less volatility and higher risk adjusted returns. We only do this when we feel we are being paid for the illiquidity and the private markets offer the best way to monetize the opportunity. Typically, our investments in real estate, distressed, mezzanine, active credit, private equity and venture make up this pool of investments.

Private Investing

Private investment opportunities are an important component of the Colter Lewis value proposition. Through our network, we originate compelling investments that have the benefit of offering portfolio diversification and return profiles that are asymmetric to the public markets. Private investments, if executed correctly, will outperform public market investments over the investment life cycle. These one-off opportunities, or “special situations”, are typically bespoke, direct investment opportunities for our clients. We go beyond only offering clients choices of private equity funds.

We believe private equity funds have a place in most portfolios, but we have found many compelling direct investment opportunities as well. When investing in private equity and private debt, manager selection is critical. In privates, the dispersion of performance between the top quartile and the bottom quartile is substantial. Our experience and network allows us to mitigate that concern.

A Collaborative Investment Experience

Colter Lewis is driven and distinguished by the quality of our longstanding relationships. We align ourselves with and invest side-by-side with our clients every step of the way. Our clients represent diverse backgrounds, experiences and styles, enabling us to create a smart, collaborative sounding board for compelling investment opportunities.

Risk management

Colter Lewis is steeped in a background of risk management and risk control. It is central to how we consider each opportunity and investment. We seek to identify potential adverse outcomes before they occur and ensure that we have a strategy in place to manage and mitigate a portfolio’s exposure. The safety and capital preservation of your assets is paramount to us. Diversification is commonly used as the way to manage your individual risk, but our approach adds additional layers of sophistication and analysis.

Technology and reporting

Financial technology is revolutionizing the wealth management industry. While it is difficult for many firms to upgrade their legacy systems, we are using “cutting-edge” software in the areas of financial reporting and analytics. Our reporting system incorporates both privately and publicly held assets across multiple custodians and administrators, allowing clients to see their entire wealth picture on a 24×7 secure basis through our client website. Separately, the portfolio management and analytical tools that we employ allow us to construct portfolios, measure risk, provide scenario analysis as well as allow us to track your portfolio returns relative to your customized investment policy statement.

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